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Transparency professionalism and independence, combined with a sector leading range of investment management tools, allow Three Sixty Financial to ensure you get the best advice and solutions and always stay in control of your own financial future.

Our role is to empower you, our client.

The cycle of our service typically progresses as follows:

  • Getting to know each other
    Our service would start with a thorough review of your financial circumstances and your future plans and needs. The initial meeting would usually take about an hour and can be at your own home or office or, if you prefer, at our centrally located offices. From a professional point of view, this is an opportunity to understand your needs. For you, it is an opportunity to assess our professionalism and differentiated methodology and tools.

  • The Way Forward
    You are in control, and subject to your agreement and consent, our adviser would submit a written report and recommendations within seven days, focusing on areas that both you and your advisers have agreed upon.

  • Choosing your products and partners
    Three Sixty Financial Inc maintains a panel of business partners, made up of some of the worlds most trusted and prestigious financial institutions, specialising in banking, insurance and fund management. For expatriates, we always recommend providers based in the premier and best regulated offshore centers such as The Isle of Man, Singapore and Hong Kong.

  • Keeping track of your wealth
    Three Sixty Financial Inc continuously reviews every client¡¯s portfolio, including a planned review every 4 months. Subject to the products and services being provided, you would receive a ¡°valuation¡± every month or quarter. In addition, we provide a secure, daily updated online portfolio tracking tool. We also distribute a monthly newsletter, ¡°360 Perspectives¡±, by email, to inform you of our ongoing seminars and workshops and to keep all of our clients abreast of charging trends, threats and opportunities.


We regularly encounter people who are dissatisfied with the quality of advice and service they have been given or are currently receiving. As part of our client and reputation management culture, we are happy to offer advice and counsel to people who find themselves in such circumstances.

We do not require such clients to make any additional financial planning commitments. We see this as our opportunity to prove our transparency, integrity and ethical business model.


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